Here we go!

Hi Folks,

So much to tell you and so much to get ready. Let's first begin with my apologies for being absent. I keep trying to stay in contact and keep this blog going so all of you can know what we are doing, but tie just kept slipping by. I'll try to make a better effort.

We continue to invite residents and companies for the community to join us as Friends of the FTRN. You can simply fill out the brief form online and send the $10 annual membership fee. This will allow you a front row seat to what is happening in out General Meetings and network with us when you think there is something important we need to consider to improve the event.

In the background, our Trustees are working hard to make each component a unique experience for all of the registered participants. However, as your race director, I also need to make sure everyone is safe and the event is sustainable. And so, more paperwork is on the way for me. However, we will also be following the advice of Chris Troyanos (Founder and President of Sports Medicine Consultants and Medical Director & Coordinator for the Boston Athletic Association and The Boston Marathon medical program for the past 30 years). More on this to follow in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, we hope to put more information on our Facebook and Instagram feeds to keep you updated and to invite you to participate in sharing your thoughts and feedback to make this event bigger and better for all.

I'll will be back with more news very soon,