After meeting with some wonderful people at a Race Directors' Summit in Toronto, it was clear to me that our event needed to be not only a unique experience; but most of all, it needed to be safe. Therefore, we assembled a team of professionals that are tirelessly working to reach that goal.

I have the privilege of introducing you to the Fort Town Night Run's

& our

During the pandemic, the team created the following protocols, approved by the Leeds & Grenville Health Unit, to maintain safety and respect provincial and federal laws.
COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Thom Brown, Chief of the 427 Adult Medical First Responder Division
for Leeds, Grenville & Lanark (
St. John Ambulance)

Elizabeth Gevenrod-Wood, Director,
Seaway Physiotherapy Centre

Tim Wood,
Seaway Physiotherapy Centre

Dr. Meera Ruparelia,
Family Physician in Brockville

Dr. Nikhil Bhatt,
Family Physician in Prescott

Eli Silverman, Risk Assessment Specialist

In a consulting role:

Barry Moorwood, Fire Chief,
Prescott Rescue/Fire Department

Chris Troyanos, ATC, Medical Coordinator for the Boston Marathon, Founder & Executive Director of
Sports Medicine Consultants & Executive Director of the International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM)