Lantern of Hope Project

Helping our Charity through Pledges

Many participants have asked to help raise additional funds for our programs, as they share our dedication to support youth initiatives that promote Active Living & Outdoor Appreciation. In doing so, we have chosen to show our appreciation by gifting them with a free registration to the Fort Town Night Run event when they reach a set goal. Participants that chose to raise pledges are eligible to win the
Lantern of Hope Award, sponsored by Beking's Poultry Farm.

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There are three divisions to this program:

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The Candle: Individual Pledge Program

This program is best suited for an individual wanting to help raise funds for our charity programs..

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The Torch: Team Pledge Program

This program is best suited for teams from work, a running club, a church, family & friends, and so many more groupings of people that have a desire to help us.

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The Phoenix: A School Pledge Program

This program is designed for schools.