Starting in 2017, the Fort Town Night Run has applied to the Government to become a registered charity.

The mission of The Fort Town Night Run stands upon four pillars of action, as its foundation, to be implemented in collaboration with its regional partnerships:

  1. To promote & support Youth Driven Initiatives;
  2. To promote significant heritage sites throughout Eastern Ontario by informing and highlighting historical & cultural sites in our events to commemorate and educate the public about them;
  3. To promote & support Active Living;
  4. To promote & support Outdoor Appreciation.

The following is a copy of our
Constitution & by-laws.

If you would like to become a Trustee, please complete the
Application for Trustee Membership form.

If you would like to support us as a
Friend of the Fort Town Night Run, general membership is open at each Special General Meeting. Please complete the following online form. The cost of membership is $10. We hope to see you at our meetings. Help us to make this an event to remember and to support local youth programs and organizations.