February 2018

Making it safe for all!

Hi All,

Although safety is not always a fun topic, it is definitely a necessary one. We have made it a priority for our event. In doing so, we have a team of professionals that will be helping us and I have the honour to introduce them to you.

Sponsors & Registrations & so much more!

I'm sure you've heard this statement in your life: "When you look at a renovation, 95% of the work goes unseen." In order to have a great home, your foundation, your walls, your roof, and everything behind walls have to be at their best. The same goes true for an event like ours. Most people will never see the many activities that happen in the background. So I want to take a moment and say thank you to my amazing team of Trustees. They have taken the lead on designing the events that you will get to experience on May 5th.

In addition, we are thinking about the future of the FTNR. We want it to keep growing and for activities, courses, and the event in general to evolve into a world class destination run. But to have this happen, there is always one thing that stays at the forefront of our minds: Your safety and the safety of all at the event. And so, a group of professional have volunteered to help us design our Risk Management, Medical, & Communications Protocols. This will build a strong foundation for our event. Volunteers will be trained and services will be more visible to inform, support, and intervene when needed. I will make a special announcement soon about this fantastic team.

We continue to meet and work with sponsors, which I like to call partners, as we plan to work hard on making then visible, not only during the event, but on our website and while on the Annual Charity Raffle circuit. McDonalds in Prescott has generously offered to support us with coffee, tea, juice, pastries, and cookies. In addition, they plan to be "life time supporters." Woo-hoo! We would like to thank Strader-Ferris International Ltd, Comfort Inn in Brockville, the Mayfield - Retirement Residence in Prescott, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival in Prescott, and Riverside Motors Ltd in Prescott in helping us make this a special event. Canadian Tire in Prescott & Brockville, under the past-ownership of Bill Deplaedt, have generously sponsored our headlamps for all participants.

If you would like to become a sponsor/partner, please download the Sponsor Letter found in the Sponsors 2018 page of this website or contact me, Michel Larose at forttownnightrun@gmail.com


The media coverage begins!

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