RESULTS for the Fort Town Night Run 2022





I would like to welcome you to the 5th Annual Fort Town Night Run.  A quick word about our cause.  We run the Greater Fort Town Area Charity.  This charity has a single purpose:  To facilitate youth physical and mental health through our program, the Youth Movement Project.  It is a free program that is open to all youth from 12 to 17.  Lastly, the program also focuses on developing leadership skills through our Cross-Age Peer Mentorship Program.  We also support other local youth programs.  We hope you will continue to support us in our dreams and endeavours.

Business Spirit Award

The Business Spirit Award is our way of thanking local businesses that support our event and window dress their businesses the week before our event.  We would like to present the Business Spirit Award to Olde Magick.  Congratulations!

Neon Spirit Award

The Neon Spirit Award is our way of thanking our community for cheering on the runners and making our community sprit visible to all.  We would like to present the Neon Spirit Award to St John Anglican Church.  Congratulations!

Team Spirit Award

The Team Spirit Award is our way of thanking runners that attended together, cheered other runners, and came dressed-up to represent our annual theme for the race..  We would like to present the Team Spirit Award to The Brockville Hiking & Adventure Club.  Congratulations!


We would like to take a moment to thank those that made this possible:
I would like to thank our sponsors:

  • To Kay Clarey of Canadian Tire in Prescott for the lights that shine our paths
  • To Coco Paving & Dan for making the path safe for all
  • To Run Ottawa, Dave & Joe – for guidance and so many gifts
  • To My Quanta
  • To Chris and his amazing team at O’Reilly’s Your Independent Grocer
  • To Logistec & Greenfield Global
  • To 107.9 Moose FM
  • To the Recorder & Times
  • To Strader-Ferris International
  • To Mr. Mozzarella and McDonalds for helping us feed our all-day volunteers
  • To Cardinal Flowers & Gift Gallery, A Dragon’s Tale, Price Point Auto, Olde Magick, Giant Tiger, Mary’s Crafts and Quality Creations
  • To Galaxy Cinema in Brockville
  • To St John Anglican Church
  • To St Lawrence Academy for generously offering space for the Youth Movement Project
  • To Craig and Running Goat Timing
  • To the Ladies of Steampunk
  • To the OPP officers who went above and beyond our request for services to keep our runners safe in the streets of Prescott
Big Thanks to:
  • Robert Dalley and his amazing team at the Port of Johnstown
  • The Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Township, Mayor Patrick Sayeau and Council
  • The Town of Prescott, Mayor Brett Todd & Council
  • The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville
  • The Army of volunteers that came out to help and the crossing guards who generously gave their time to make the streets safe
  • To the SKBP Venturers and Prescott Air Cadets and their families
  • To Paul McAuley & team
  • To Dan Gilpin as the Course Manager & team
  • To Eli, our Safety Coordinator and team
  • To Kellie for her key role with the Youth Movement Project and team
  • To Julie, our Volunteer Coordinator and team
  • And to all you runners/walkers for making this a success!
See you next year!