During a four-day period in November, 1838 British troops and local militia defeated an invasion force of 300 American " Hunters " and Canadian rebels. The Battle of the Windmill victory prevented the invasion force from capturing Fort Wellington, Ontario, and cutting the St. Lawrence communications link, which would have left Upper Canada open to invasion. For more information, please visit the following site from Parks Canada.

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  • Anyone wishing to hold an event on these beautiful grounds overlooking the St. Lawrence is invited to contact Jim Devenny at windmillfriends@gmail.com.

Interesting Fact!
In 1938, Europe was on the brink of war. In an effort to resume diplomatic talks, the Canadians and Americans had a celebration commemorating 100 years of peace since the 1838 invasion on Canadian soil. They tried to create Hope for Peace and designed wooden medallions for the occasion. History tells us that the event did not have the necessary strength to stop a war, but this same Hope was rejuvenated and continues to bring light in moments of crises to unite the world under a symbol of Unity & Peace.

Medallion for BOTW 1938 Medallion BOFW 1938-2

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