During the event, five (5) awards will be presented.
We have invited a prominent member of our community to judge who they believe is the most deserving of the following awards:

For the Lantern of Hope Award, please go to Pledges

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We anticipate many runners to attend our event. We would like to invite viewers to be active participants during the event. The Neon Spirit Contest challenges and will recognize all who come out of their homes and help make this night a success. We invite you to:

  • Decorate your homes and light up the night;
  • Come and cheer on the runners & walkers along the course;
  • Invite your friends, take out some instruments, sing, or play your stereos for the runners & walkers as they pass by;
  • Be loud, be enthusiastic, be colourful and have fun.
Please check the Course Maps page to see if your home is on the route. If it is not, you and your group can choose a spot along the courses to show your SPIRIT.
Looking forward to seeing you shine!

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The Business Spirit Contest challenges all local businesses in the town of Prescott to:

  • Decorate your storefronts and light up the night;
  • Show our visitors and our community the love we have for our town and our pride in supporting events geared to enrich the lives of our youth;
  • Cheer on the participants;
  • Be creative, be enthusiastic, be colourful and have fun.

We are very grateful and thank our generous sponsor for this award.

We are encouraging all businesses to be ready a week before the run. Starting April 30th, our selected judge will travel throughout the town of Prescott in search of the business that shows the most
SPIRIT for the event. You do not need to be on the courses, but you do need to be within the boundaries of the Town of Prescott to be eligible.

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The Team Spirit Contest challenges participants to work together with the following goals:

  • Bring their enthusiasm for the event by decorating and dressing up in the best NEON gear they can find;
  • Bring their fantastic sportsmanship to encourage all participants to feel welcomed and do their personal best;
  • Bring additional funds for the charity;
  • Bring their SPIRIT in celebrating such a magical night!

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