March 2018

A Medal Design has been chosen!

You guest it! After months of accepting wonderful drawings from youth, we closed the contest, the SKBP Venturers got to work, a winner was chosen. For details about the winner and honourable mentions, please go to the Annual Medal Drawing Contest page. However, I just wanted to give a big round of applauds to the youth that submitted drawings from Manor Public School, St Lawrence Academy, South Grenville District High School , & Fulford Academy.

If you are thinking about running but you're waiting to purchase your tickets next month, please don't. In planning for a race, we need to estimate how many T-Shirts and Medal to purchase, which can become very challenging when you're unsure about the final numbers. In addition, in our attempts to give the most we can to the youth charity, we can't be irresponsible and purchase 500 T-Shirts and Medals when only 300 register. The extra 200 would potentially become a great loss for the youth. If you are planning to register and/or you know people who are, please encourage them to do so ASAP.

Thank you and I'll try to give more updates. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, which I have spend some considerable time trying to provide updated information.

See you at the Fort,