The Torch: Team Form

This program is best suited for teams from work, a running club, a church, family & friends, and so many more groupings of people that have a desire to help us. The form allows for many to join together. If you reach over $100 in pledges per member, we will send you a free registration for all team members for the Fort Town Night Run event with the course of your choice with all benefits included (e.g., SWAG). Members may choose different course lengths and still be on the same team. For children wanting to run the Kids 1K Fun Run, the goal is $50 in pledges. Please complete the following procedure to receive an authorized Team Pledge Form.


1. Please complete the following online form. This will provide us the necessary information needed to complete the form.

Request for a Team Pledge Form

2. After completing and submitting this form, you will receive within 48 hours a PDF of a personalized Team Pledge Form with an authorization code.

3. After completing the pledge form and gathering your funds, you are encouraged to return the completed form and funds:

By mail
, using a secure method of shipping, to:
Michel Larose
Race Director
Fort Town Night Run
P.O. Box 314
Prescott, ON
K0E 1T0

By contacting
the Race Director at (613) 340-7364 to discuss the possibility of a pick-up.

You are required to send back all authorized pledge forms by March 1, 2019. In doing so, we assure that all forms were used effectively as agreed upon. Any misuse or fraudulent use of the form to gather funds for personal use will be reported to the authorities.

4. When the form and funds are secured by the charity, you will receive an individualized promotional code. You will be asked to complete the Eventbrite registration forms, which can be accessed at the following website: This will guarantee that we have all required information for registration.

Your team captain is encouraged to be the first member to register, as they will be asked to create a team name and a password, which they will share with team members to register on the same team.

5. When completing the registration process, remember that the promotional code is entered at the following page, when selecting your race:

Pasted Graphic