Army Run & the beginning of Fall

To all Night Runners,

I want to congratulate every runner that participated in the Kemptville's Neon Run & the Army Run in Ottawa last weekend.

We have begun the Fall season and with that the Annual Medal Drawing Contest. All of the rules and guidelines can be found on this website. We invite all grade 4 to 12 youth to participate. This year, we have a special theme to our run (Star Wars) and so the medal is part of our new storyline. I hope to see all of your wonderful creative works.

We were asked to develop a pledge program, as some runners last year liked the idea of gathering more money for our programs. And so, we have created three programs: An Individual, a team, and a school program. We hope you will all join us!

The Annual Charity Raffle comes to an end soon. We plan to be in Brockville on Saturday (September 29) at the Real Superstore. Come and support us and have a chance at winning some wonderful prizes.


ACR and so much more!

To all Night Runners!

To give you an update as to our progress. We received a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency and we were asked to make some changes in order to clarify our charity. So like usual, we got real busy. We understood what they meant. It was difficult for most to see the difference between our charity and our events. And so, we made things a little easier for everyone. The charity is now called the Greater Fort Town Area Charity and you can find out more at As you will notice, we are trying to help many youth groups around Eastern Ontario, such as the many Scout groups. However, we are also developing our own Youth Fitness Program. More to follow…

We are summer and so our Annual Charity Raffle is underway. If you want to know more about the raffle prizes, locations, and how to buy tickets, please visit

Early Bird registration is now open and for the next week, you can save 15% by using the following promo code: 2019FTNR115


Getting ready for 2018-2019

Hi All,

In the last month, we were successful in getting the age division ribbons and gifts to all our Night Runners that won. In addition, we completed our AGM and you can find our presentation and additional information about our Trustees on this website. This gave us a good opportunity to show everyone the work we did last year and the reality "behind the curtains" about our race. The next has already begun and we have a new Trustee to help us. Congratulations and welcome Sue to our team. We have a few finishing touches needed for our Annual Charity Raffle. However, it is important for all to know that our team continues to volunteer throughout the summer months at many different events. Once more, I will try to keep you updated on changes. You will notice our preliminary changes to our registration rates and the new Family & Team rates. We will also be introducing Pledge Forms as an option to gather funds and registration the event.


A Fantastic Success!

Our night has come and gone and now there is so much left to do. The final results were reviewed and missing data was added. They are now available for all to look at. We are beginning to gather all of the pictures taken that evening. We will have them up shortly. I apologize for the delay. We hope you enjoyed yourself at our event. We hope you return next year and encourage you to bring some friends to join you. You are welcome to our Annual General Meeting scheduled for June 1, 2018 at Fort Wellington. We will be providing more updates soon, as we finish the final details for our Annual Charity Raffle.


The Medals are Beautiful!

Look at these beautiful medals! What do you think? Let me know by sending me an email at

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