Time for an update

Let's recap 2017!

We had our first Annual Fort Town Night Run and it was a great success. Although we struggled with 41 days of rain prior to the event (and so everything was to some degree wet), we had 225 brave participants that came and had a great time. It was a night to celebrate! We had successfully raised $3000 for our charity of choice and helped youth reach their goals.

Soon after the race, we quickly began working on next year's event. However, we had a vision. We were so inspired by the many people who helped us make the inaugural event a success that we developed a long term plan. This was not going to be a "flash in the pan" event. We wanted to do so much more for the youth in our local communities that we began working to become a recognized charity. We developed our Constitution, our By-Laws, and our Mission Statement. Dedicated people devoted their time to become Trustees. And currently, we have an open file with Revenue Canada and await for a Registered Charity Number to be assigned. In doing so, we hope to give more to so many more youth programs.

With the help of generous sponsors, we had our first Annual Charity Raffle. The funds of this great event would be added to next year's donation to the charity of choice. With the help of so many locations and the generosity of crowds of people, we successfully raised $7000.

We are now actively knocking on doors to invite businesses to become Friends of the Fort Town Night Run. In addition, Registration for the 2018 event had begun and word is spreading. Trustees are working with sponsors to make this year's event a "night to remember." And it doesn't end there. There is so much happening in the background that writing this seems overwhelming. We have people working with sponsors to create unique swag bags. Others are thinking and planning for next year's event, 2019, as we are trying to incorporate a half-marathon with a special twist. We are working with local businesses and government to outline the many historical gems in our community. Prescott was and is an important destination in our history.

If you want to learn more about what we are doing, please register as a Friend of the Fort Town Night Run and you are invited to our general meetings. If you want to help us and become a sponsor, please download our form and contact us. We would be honoured to speak with you.

We have a dream and we want to invite everyone to be part of our effort to help programs reach out and engage youth, creating a future filled with unimaginable opportunities. Join us in making this a momentous event!